Caterina "Cat" Valentine is one of the main characters. She is known as a ditzy, bubbly and cheerful person who rarely gets angry.


  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Dyed Maroon (Velvet)
  • Trademark: Red hair, Ditzy and Childlike
  • Height: 5 foot 1 inches (159 cm) tall.

Cat originally explained that she dyed her hair red because it is the same color as a red velvet cupcake, which is her favorite dessert. However, in a more recent video, she explains that her brother thought she was an intruder when coming home late one night and smashed her head with a vase, resulting in her head bleeding. The blood seeped into her hair and stained it red. When Cat liked the color, she decided to dye it red permanently. In Seasons 2 and 3, Cat's hair became a bit darker and longer than it had been in Season 1.

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