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Beggin' On Your Knees

  • When Robbie asks what's wrong with him and why girls don't want to go out with him, everyone else gives a list of reasons, however Cat stays quiet the whole time, hinting she might not know a reason why, or she does not want to hurt his feelings.
  • In the scene after Robbie tells Cat to call the paramedics, she smiles and touches his arm in a cute way telling him he's right.
  • While Cat is on the phone, she smiles at Robbie.
  • Cat is the only girl who Robbie talks to who isn't rude to him throughout the episode.
  • In the official music video for "Beggin' On Your Knees," Cat and Robbie are seen having a lot of fun together, even feeding each other cotton candy.

Beck Falls for Tori

  • Cat knew Robbie's pants size and tells him that size 4 is how girls' pants are measured.
  • Cat and Robbie agree that Beck, disguised as Tori, looked cute when he was running away.
  • After Rex makes a jab at Robbie for not being able to ride a bike, Cat looks away and smiles as if she were diverting her smile from Robbie.

Ice Cream for Ke$ha

  • The episode starts off with Cat and Robbie having lunch.
  • Robbie doesn't want Cat to be mad at him and even wants to know what is wrong and encourages her to talk to him.
  • Cat has a dream about Robbie, which most likely means she has been thinking about him a lot.
  • Cat is upset that in her dream, Robbie let children eat her in order to save himself.
  • Robbie was going to apologize for what he did in Cat's dream, even though the situation was weird. This shows that Robbie understands Cat, even when she says or does odd things.
  • Robbie begins to say that he would save her, but then changes his mind. Cat looks hopeful as he begins to apologize.
  • When everyone is talking about André eating ice-cream to meet Ke$ha, Cat tried to change the subject by saying that Robbie let children eat her in her dream. She was probably trying to get Robbie to apologize to her again.
  • He says that the dream children probably thought she was delicious.
  • Cat smacks Robbie on the arm right after he said "but why shouldn't they eat you first?"
  • When Robbie gets up and leaves the table Cat doesn't look at Robbie the whole time. In fact it looked as though Cat purposely looked away from him.
  • After Robbie fails to apologize for what he did in Cat's dream, Cat seems upset for the rest of the scene even when other people were talking about their situations.
  • Cat's dream was probably telling her that she fears that she can't trust Robbie.
  • When Robbie says some mothers beat him with sticks, Cat repeats 'Sticks' like she knows it would hurt a lot. Maybe this was her forgiving Robbie, because in her dream he let children eat her, but then the children's mothers beat Robbie up.
  • Cat walks over to where Robbie is sitting whilst explaining where her mom gets her brother's Funky Nut Blast.
  • At the Ke$ha concert, Cat and Robbie are seen dancing together.
  • Cat and Robbie sit near each other throughout the episode.
  • Right when Robbie came back from moms beating him up, Rex was with Cat sitting next to her as if she took care of him when Robbie wasn't there.
  • When Robbie says that there are things he really, really wants to do, he says "Ride a pony, take a cooking class..." He looks at Cat, and she looks at him, "...other things." He then looks away, embarrassed.
  • It can be assumed that Robbie apologized to Cat for letting the little kids eat her sometime after the opening scene, because Cat was not mad at Robbie for rest of the episode.

​Tori Gets Stuck

  • Cat said that she wanted to see Robbie when Lane told them about the incident.
  • Cat wanted to know what kind of toy car Robbie ate.
  • In the beginning of this episode, when André grabs the cast list, Cat walks over to Robbie, and they stand close to each other and both look at the cast list.
  • Cat and Robbie sit next to each other on the steps.
  • When Cat was laughing saying that squirrels sounded like girls, Robbie nodded while grinning at Cat.
  • In the scene where everyone was doing the final rehearsal for the play, Cat doesn't appear on screen until Lane announces that Robbie was in the hospital.
  • Cat doesn't seem annoyed when it is said that Rex sent the text to Lane, unlike the others.
  • Cat comes running in when she hears Lane say that Robbie is in the hospital and looks really worried.
  • When Cat is dragged away by Trina, even though she agrees to go with her, she looks back at Robbie and extends her arm out as if she really didn't want to go, or she could've just done it to say good bye.
  • When Tori asks if the doctors got the car out of Robbie Cat replied " They sure did Tori", showing she found out, which may imply she wanted to know or maybe even be the first to know.
  • Robbie was the only one to ask why Cat's brother had painted himself purple when she mentions it.

Prom Wrecker

  • When they were planning the Prome, Robbie keeps looking at Cat.
  • Robbie asks Cat to the prome.
  • Robbie seemed nervous about asking Cat to the Prome, then Cat's comment on her giraffe made him laugh, which probably made him comfortable to finish asking if she would go to the Prome with him.
  • Despite the weird comment by Cat about the giraffe, he still asks her to the prome, showing he was determined to ask her to Prom and truly wanted to go with her.
  • Cat smiles sweetly at Robbie when he walks up to her.
  • Cat is holding a Giraffe, possibly hinting that the "young Giraffe who learns to love" she has mentioned in previous episodes, perhaps professing her feelings for Robbie.
  • Cat might be holding the giraffe toy because Robbie is always holding a puppet.
  • Cat says to Robbie that she would love to go to the prome with him if she didn't already have a date.
  • Robbie looks really upset when Cat rejects him because she's already got a date to Prom.
  • Cat looks disappointed as she's walking away from Robbie, thanking him for asking her to the Prome. Possibly because she wishes she could go with him and/or she's attracted to him.
  • Robbie thanks Cat for "responding" to his date offer.
  • Robbie walks over to the step and sits down and laments over not asking Cat to Prom before Tug did.
  • Robbie believes that Cat is being truthful about already having a Prome date, showing that he has that much faith that Cat will always be honest with him.
  • Robbie is very upset and angry when Rex tells him that Cat was lying about already having a Prom date.
  • Cat and Robbie are sitting next to each other during the Prom meeting.
  • After Robbie said "Balloons are fun...", he put his hand right under Cat's hand, maybe because he wanted to hold it.
  • Robbie is nodding at first when Cat is explaining her "Prome" theme idea (even though it doesn't make sense).
  • Robbie looks over at Cat when Jade storms in.
  • Even after rejection from Cat, Robbie didn't go to the "Prome" with anyone else, meaning that he didn't want to go with anyone but Cat. In fact, he didn't even ask anyone else.
  • Robbie confronts Cat at the "Prome" about Tug and when Cat looks sad at the thought of Robbie thinking that she's "Fibby."
  • After Tori welcomes everyone to the first "Prome" when they show Cat in the crowd she seemed to be trying to smile, like she really was sad or had something on her mind, like Robbie not believing her.
  • Cat and Robbie were both dancing alone when Doug the diaper guy was dancing.
  • Cat looks like she's about to cry when Robbie accuses her of lying and tries to convince him many times that she's telling the truth.
  • When Robbie sees André and Sherry kissing, he states that he feels uncomfortable. It can be inferred that he said this because he wanted to kiss Cat, but couldn't since she rejected him.
  • Robbie believed in Cat at first, but Rex made him doubt her.
  • When Cat sings the line "Sometimes I think that he might make a move" in Best Friend's Brother, she looks out into the crowd and at the area where Robbie is standing. She does this during a few other lines of the song as well.
  • It's ironic that Robbie is the one who asked Cat to Prome, when in the first episode Rex disses Cat about not having a date to the prom last year. This might mean he had wanted to ask her to that prom as well.

Locked Up

  • In the beginning of the episode, when Cat and Robbie are in Tori's kitchen, they stand next to each other and Robbie keeps glancing at Cat.
  • Cat grabs onto Robbie when the bellman tries to take Robbie with him as the police drag the bellman away and she yells "Robbie, Robbie!"
  • Cat is the only one who isn't upset to find Robbie in the girl's bed and says "Hi" to him whilst smiling, in fact she seems very happy that he is there. It is also important to note that Cat's tone changed when she said hi, it sounded like she was nervous.
  • Cat kept glancing at Robbie when they were in bed together.
  • Robbie appeared in between Cat and Trina when he was in the girls bed when Robbie could've got in the bed on the edge next to Tori since it was the spot closest to the room's door.
  • She also looked at his lips when she said hi.
  • When the escaped prisoner jumped through the window, Robbie extended his arm in front of Cat as if trying to protect her. He did the same for Trina, so this could be controversial.
  • When Robbie mentions that he found a lizard in the bathtub the boys made him sleep in, Cat says "A lizard?" in a concerned tone.
  • Cat and Robbie stand next to/near each other throughout the episode.
  • Cat says "Your shoe hit the chancellor!" and Robbie finishes "In his last good eye!" then Cat touches her chest then puts her hand on Robbie shoulder.
  • In the scene where Robbie is wearing a pink shirt, Cat's outfit matches his shirt, like they were a couple wearing matching outfits.
  • When Robbie accidentally kills the chancellor's octopus, he has a look of fear and Cat looks at him with a worried face.
  • Cat pats Robbie's arm before she runs off to teach her prison gang how to dance.
  • Robbie asks Cat where she's been in a worried tone.
  • Cat and Robbie are seen standing next to each other a lot through the episode and they sometimes glance at each other.
  • Originally Cat, Robbie, Andre, and Tori were supposed to be going, so it seemed like a couple trip until Trina, Beck, and Jade decided to come.
  • Cat looks at Robbie in fear when they're in the jail and gets very close to him.
  • Cat grabs Robbie's shoulder and puts her other hand on her chest, seeming as if she was scared and needed his comfort, when they are telling Tori that she hit the chancellor in his last good eye.
  • When Beck, Trina, Cat and Robbie were trying to pull Tori away from the soldiers, Cat and Robbie were in the back, leaning against each other.

Helen Back Again

  • Though Robbie asked Tori "If this were my bike, would it make you want to date me?" He could be asking because he wants to impress another girl, possibly Cat.
  • Robbie was doing stand-up but he wasn't doing the jokes well. In Wi-Fi in the Sky, Cat didn't get her joke at first. This shows that both Cat and Robbie share a similarity where they are both not good at telling jokes by themselves.
  • Both Cat and Robbie's auditions went differently than they planned
  • Cat and Robbie's auditions were something no one else did. Tori and Andre sang, Beck and Jade acted. Cat acted, juggled, sang, and danced, whilst Robbie was a stand up comedian.
  • Cat's little scene was never specified as to where it came from. It is possible that it is a little skit she wrote about her and a boy she loves. Possibly Robbie.
  • They are constantly glancing at each other throughout the episode.
  • When Tori was taking out everything of her locker, Cat was looking at Robbie with a worried look on her face.
  • When Tori asked Beck, Andre, Cat and Robbie to help her inform Trina that she was kicked out of Hollywood Arts, Beck, Andre, Cat, and Robbie all left. While Beck and Andre left by themselves, Cat and Robbie looked like they were leaving together, side by side.
  • Robbie went after Cat to audition.

Who Did it to Trina ?

  • When Jade said that Tori threatened Trina, Cat and Robbie both gasped.
  • Cat was taking care of Rex whilst Robbie was doing the play.
  • Cat being the only other person to hold Rex for Robbie implies that Robbie only trusts Cat with him.
  • During the play, while Robbie was saying his lines, she looked impressed and seemed to enjoy his performance.
  • When Trina was swinging around, Cat covered her eyes and asked "is it over?" Possibly because she did not want to see anything happen to Robbie too.
  • When they were lifting the wall off of Trina, Cat was hugging Rex and rocking a little. Possibly because she finds comfort in something of Robbie's.
  • Both Robbie and Cat laughed in Tori's flashback.
  • In Robbie's flashback, Cat was jealous because Trina was flirting with him.
  • When Robbie in turn flirted with Trina, Cat was extremely angry, and ran away.
  • In Robbie's flashback, Cat was flirting with Robbie and feeling his muscles, and she also claimed that Robbie loved her (since it was Robbie's flashback, this may or may not be true).
  • In Robbies flashback when Cat claims that Robbie loves her, this may be Robbie's way of attempting to tell Cat about his feelings.
  • Robbie accuses Cat of causing the incident, but is reluctant to say that it could have been her, saying in a soft, sad tone that she may have had a reason to do it. One can also assume that Robbie was only accusing her to take the suspicion off of Rex, and that it wasn't anything personal.
  • After Robbie's flashback Cat says that was not how it happened, but her flashback was of an episode of "Drake and Josh". Then she went on to say that she doesn't know what happened with Tori and Trina, so she doesn't explain what really happened between her, Robbie and Trina.
  • In both Jade and Tori's flashback, Cat and Robbie were doing something together behind the wall, giving many possibilities as to what they were doing alone together back there, where no one could see them. (Such as kissing or flirting)
  • In Robbie's flashback, Cat was in love with him, showing that he might want her to be in love with him in real life.
  • In Robbie's flashback when Robbie had his arm around both Cat and Trina he stood with a confident look and never reacted to anything they said, but when Cat said " He loves me!" he reacted with a shocked face.
  • Through all of Robbie's flashback Cat stares at him lovingly.
  • In Robbie's flashback, Cat pets Robbie, felt his muscles and touched his shoulder many times.
  • Robbie could have chosen any other girl (Tori or Jade) but instead he chose Cat to be the one to fight over him against Trina.
  • Robbie and Cat both agreed when Jade stated that Tori said "She was gonna kill Trina," and Jade points at Cat and Robbie and says they are witnesses.

Tori Tortures Teacher

  • In the beginning of the episode when Cat walked into the room Robbie was the first one to greet her by saying, "Hey, Cat", as she walked into the room.
  • When Cat was telling her knock-knock joke, Robbie was the only one who participated in the joke (Robbie asked "Who's there?" and he made Rex ask "Isn't who?")
  • After she finishes her joke, Robbie smiles at her, whilst the others act confused.
  • When Tori's friends were leaving after refusing be a part of her next plan to make Sikowitz happy, Cat went out of her way to follow Robbie, like she wanted to go wherever Robbie was going to go.
  • In the end when Robbie said "Oh, so you loved her CAT!" he really emphasized on the word Cat and looked towards Cat, perhaps implying his feelings toward her in a subtle way.
  • As they chat with Sikowitz in the end, Cat seems to stare at Robbie a lot, seeming almost as though she couldn't take her eyes off him.
  • Rex calls Trina a Grunch and Robbie agrees, implying he has lost interest in her.

Jade Gets Crushed

  • They stand near each other during André's song.
  • Robbie has several cutouts of Cat, one of which he has called 'Flirty Cat'
  • When Tori asks if Cat knew Robbie had the cutouts, he says 'No' in a very dreamy way.
  • When Cat discovers the cutouts of herself during Tori's Tech Test run-through, Robbie gets scared and accidentally ends up telling Cat that they are his cutouts, even though he had denied it before. Him getting nervous like that and not wanting to tell her in the first place could be a sign that he really likes her and seems nervous around her.
  • Cat looks stunned at all the cutouts of herself when she "bounces" into the room.
  • Cat knew Robbie was tutoring Tori and she checked up on them maybe to see if they were doing anything else.
  • Cat doesn't seem alarmed at all when Robbie is trying to explain to her about the cutouts. In fact, she might have been too absorbed in her Jupiter boots to even notice that they were Robbie's cutouts. Basically, she was either too distracted to care or she didn't get creeped out of all the cutouts of her made by Robbie.
  • When Tori asked Robbie where he got the Cat cut outs he said home, and later continued that she shouldn't ask him what he does at home, meaning he feels his feelings for Cat are personal, intimate, and private.
  • For the tutoring Robbie could have had any kind of random standie to work with but he wanted to use his Cat cut outs.
  • Asking Tori to not tell Cat may imply he wants a better or a right moment to tell her how he feels.
  • If you listen closely, when everyone is hugging André, Cat says to Robbie "He was so good!" and Robbie says, "And now its over." This implies that maybe he was jealous that Cat liked Andre's performance.
  • During the ending credits Rex is on the stage singing the theme song from Drake and Josh, and Cat is dancing/bouncing and laughing.
  • When Robbie tries to think of lyrics for the song, they are Cabbie related. ("Baby every night, and I need you and I love you"; he thinks about Cat every night, which explains why he has those cut-outs of her, "Upside down, touch my toe"s; the caption for Cat's profile video on TheSlap says she did her video upside down, and in Rex Dies she scratches her nose with her toes, "And I cry inside"; in Rex Dies, Robbie said "sometime I have trouble not crying" and in a picture Cat says "Robbie's always crying about something)

Terror on Cupcake Street

  • When Robbie shows his app, Cat says his name.
  • Robbie's app lands on Cat's face, and he seems really happy when it does.
  • Robbie thinks the costumes Cat chose are "rad cool." He also seems to be the only one who thinks this.
  • When Robbie says that he thinks the Candy Jammies are "rad cool," Cat extends her arm up to him.
  • After the confetti cannon goes off, Robbie goes and sits right in front of Cat, next to her feet.
  • When Sikowitz laughs at Beck and Andre in their Candy Jammies, Robbie is sitting on the steps, and Cat walks up in front of Robbie very close, making it look like they are kissing because their heads are out of frame.
  • Cat and Robbie are sitting next to each other on the steps when Beck and André startle them.
  • Cat eats a key in this episode, and Robbie ate a toy car in Tori Gets Stuck showing that they both eat very unusual things.

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