Season 4 MomentsEdit

Wanko's WarehouseEdit

   Cat and Robbie are seen standing particularly close to each other throughout the episode.
   Robbie seemed upset to the point of frowning when Tori told Andre to 'restrain' Cat.
   When Tori walks off to talk with Sinjin, you can see (in the background) Robbie gestures Cat to come over and they have a conversation with each other.
   When Andre says that they are all trapped behind the laser beams like caged animals, Cat asks if she could be a hippo-pata-moose, the word she claims to be hippopotamus in french. Robbie makes a face to this as if he bought it.
   When Cat is about to lick the laser beams, Robbie grabbed her and pulled her away from them.
   Robbie could've just let go of her after he pulled her away from the lasers, but he instead kept her by his side in his arms. It can be inferred by this that Robbie is very protective of Cat.
   When Cat laughs about wanting to lick the laser beams, Robbie somewhat smiles at her, while the rest of the group seems annoyed.
   When Andre and Beck slide Robbie under the lasers and he crashes, Cat gasps and looks concerned for him, and when Tori threw his walkie talkie at him, she gasped again.
   When everyone else thought Robbie's walkie talkies were stupid, Cat was the only one to like them. She also probably told him that she liked them to make him feel better.
   When Cat tells Robbie she likes his walkie talkies, she strokes his chest comfortingly. Robbie reacts with a shy look on his face and they almost seem couple-ish.
   Cat comforting Robbie and raising his spirits when everyone else put him down for the walkie talkies shows that Cat is willing to be nice to Robbie, accepting his odd likes, faults, and weird habits.

The Hambone KingEdit

   Cat (along with Tori) helps Robbie with his hambone routine by tap dancing.
   Cat helps Robbie during his hambone practice.
   Cat seems sad after Robbie yells that he doesn't want to breathe "her air."
   Cat looks amazed at Robbie's hamboning skills when she watches his video and says "That's so fun!"
   Cat and Robbie go to Nozu together (along with Tori).
   While they're at Nozu with Tori, Cat & Robbie constantly smile at each other.
   Cat and Robbie talk about how Cat's Cat's brother and Robbie's grandmother both take naps in the bathroom while Tori is in the restroom. After realizing they had something in common, they give each other a friendly high-five.
   After Tori leaves Cat and Robbie to themselves, it is secretly shown just by their in common communication, how well they would be as a couple and how easily they could get along at the best of times.
   Gerald calls Cat Robbie's "girl", which could mean that he thought they were dating.
   When Gerald's friend gives Cat a "tornado", Robbie looks appalled and angry.
   Robbie asks Cat if she wants to be his girl, but she says, "I'm good".
   Cat's reaction to Robbie asking her to be his girlfriend was much gentler than Tori's reaction, which could be a sign that she's warming up to him.
   Cat looked scared for Robbie when Gerald and his friend were being mean to him.
   Cat tries to defend Robbie when Gerald says he is the hambone king.
   Cat looks at Robbie for help right after the guy did a tornado in her face.
   Cat finds it cute that Kwakoo asks Robbie for his autograph.
   Cat looks impressed when Robbie is battling Gerald and disappointed when Gerald does well.
   Cat goes to Jade and Andre about Robbie because she gets worried about him being alone outside with the two guys. Then, she goes with them to help Robbie when he goes outside to hambone with Gerald.
   Even though Robbie asked Jade to get him a crate, Cat got one for him instead.
   Cat brings up the restroom conversation when Robbie asks where Tori was.
   Cat screams, "Go Robbie!" when he is fighting Gerald for the first time.
   Cat gasps when Robbie gets injured.
   Cat runs to Robbie when he is on the floor and says, "Robbie, come on" while gently touching his side.
   When Robbie tells everyone to go after losing his first Hambone match, Cat looks sad and is reluctant to leave him.
   Robbie accepted the Hambone challenge to defend Cat.
   Cat kisses Robbie on the cheek and wishes him good luck before the competition.
   After Cat kisses him, Robbie is pleasantly surprised and appears to be more confident about battling Gerald.
   Robbie was willing to fight Gerold and Merl alone to protect Cat.

Opposite DateEdit

   Cat and Robbie both mention the "newly-released PearPad with the slightly better screen," at various points in the episode. (They are also the only ones who seem excited about it).

One Thousand Berry BallsEdit

   In a video leaked online, Ariana and Matt are goofing off and joking that they're getting married. Since they are together in this clip there is probably a chance that Cat and Robbie will be around each other in the episode.
   It seems they are at a Hawaiian-Western themed dance, meaning Robbie could've asked Cat to the dance.
   Earlier in the leaked video, when Cat is with Beck and Jade, a lot of people think Beck said 'Robbie' at one point. This could mean that they were talking about him because Cat was worried about him in some way.

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